Hi TG Fans, here is a quick update on all the work happening on the website.

We are currently going through each video episode from the beginning of the new series in 2002 all the way up to today. We are tagging the cars, celebrities, key moments and even locations to make it easy to find the exact Top Gear episode you are looking for.

We are also double checking the accuracy of all lap times of cars driven by the Stig. As nowhere on the Internet at the moment does an accurate central listing appear. Even the BBC’s official lap time doesn’t give the full picture.

As you can imagine it’s a lot of work, which will be happening over the next few months. Once this work is completed it will be difficult to find a more comprehensive online database for all things Top Gear in such an easy to use website.

Make sure to look out for the new Episode Guide feature coming to the site within the next two weeks.

If you are enjoying your time here on TopGearSpecials.com let us know in the comments as we would love to hear from you all!


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