Episode Highlights

In this final episode of Top Gear Season 17 we see the boys test the incredible Lamborghini Aventador, which is a beautiful and well executed car from the Italians.

It was interesting to hear both Richard Hammond and James May say they felt a little let down with the Aventador due to it actually being not as exciting as previous Lamborghinis, which almost killed you in the process of the thrill.

However when the Stig took the Lamborghini Aventador around the Top Gear track in 1:16:5 I am sure most people will agree this is a very special Lambo indeed!

Additional highlights of this Episode

Jeremy Clarkson and James May take two electric cars (Nissan Leaf and a Renault) to the beach and highlight how these cars may not quite yet be the future of motoring.

The stig also takes the Lotus T125 around the test track to compare it against a normal F1 car. The F1 car went around in a time of 59 seconds and the Lotus T125 in 1:03:8. Astonishing that you can buy this car for about £650000.

The Star in a reasonably priced car was Louie Walsh who did a lap time of 1:47:7 just in front of Danny Boyle. I also found it interesting how you can already sense the tension between the two shows of Top Gear and X Factor whilst Jeremy is talking to Louie. It is this tension of the battle of the TV show ratings that has caused us not to have our beloved Top Gear Christmas specials this year in 2012. 🙁

You can see Louie’s lap time (he is in the top 25 times) in the menu above “Top Gear Lap Times”. You can also see the Lamborghini Aventador time under “The Stig Power Lap Times”.

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