Episode Summary:

  • Jeremy drives a Citroen Berlingo Multispace by taking it on a booze cruise to Calais, France
  • The Ford GT40 concept car is in the studio
  • Jeremy pitches the Pagani Zonda vs. the Lamborghini Murcielago
  • The infamous Stig and Top Gear test track are introduced
  • Richard tests whether you can beat a speed camera by actually speeding
  • Jeremy gets all eco friendly and runs a diesel Volvo 740 on vegetable oil
  • Richard tests the Mazda 6
  • Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Harry Enfield

Full Episode Guide:

In this new and revised format of Top Gear we get to see so many firsts, including a new Top Gear studio, test track, reasonably priced car and even the Stig dressed in black!

As the show begins, we see Jeremy review the Citroen Berlingo, which he seems to grow quite fond of in his little booze cruise to Calais, France.

Then we see Richard Hammond look at the new Ford GT40.

One of the highlights of, in the news is when Jeremy asks the question, “Are you a Grandma and can you do donut?” He encourages these brave Grandma’s to contact the studio. Would love to see that!

Then Jeremy looks at the Pagani Zonda vs. the Lamborghini Murcielago. Jeremy then asks the question, which is quicker and a drag race decides it and the Pagani Zonda wins comfortably. At the end of this supercar comparison Jeremy makes the bold statement that the Pagani Zonda is now the new king of supercars.

Next we see the Top Gear test track designed by the people at Lotus introduced (including all its infamous corners) for the first time.

The Stig is also introduced but he is wearing black, which will be quite strange for us who only started viewing later seasons of Top Gear. The Stig records a time of 1:29:00 for the Lamborghini Murcielago and a time of 1:23:00 for the Pagani Zonda.

Now we see Richard Hammond ask the question, “How fast do you have to go to beat a speed camera?” The Honda Civic Type-R triggers the speed camera at 129 MPH and the Mercedes CL55 AMG triggers at 148 mph, both not fast enough to escape! However a TVR Tuscan flying at 170 MPH did not trigger the camera, proving that you can indeed beat a speed camera but only at speeds too dangerous to consider.

The celebrity on this first show is Harry Enfield as the first ever “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” in the Suzuki Liana. Jeremy does a time of 1:50 with three people in it. Harry Enfield records a not too impressive time of 2:01:00.

Next we see a feature on using biofuel as an alternative to diesel. Jeremy is amazed that it actually works to start and drive a Volvo 740.

To bring the show to a close Richard Hammond reviews the Mazda 6 Sport, which even though it’s a Mazda impresses the Top Gear team for it’s design and performance whilst being £700 cheaper than its rival BMW.

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