Below you will find all the latest times of Formula 1 Drivers on Top Gear’s Star in a reasonably priced car.


Lap Times

1:42:20 Daniel Ricciardo placed three identical lap times
1:42:90 Lewis Hamilton second attempt
1:43:11 Mark Webber second attempt
1:44:01 Sebastian Vettel
1:44:30 Rubens Barichello
1:44:40 Ben Collins – The Stig II (Removed from board during interview with Vettel)
1:44:60 Nigel Mansell
1:44:70 Lewis Hamilton in Wet and oily conditions
1:44:70 Jenson Button in HOT conditions
1:44:90 Jenson Button second attempt in wet conditions
1:46 Perry McCarthy – The Stig I (Removed from board)
1:46:10 Kimi Räikkönen in very wet conditions
1:46:30 Damon Hill
1:47:10 Mark Webber in extremely wet conditions
DNF Joke lap by Michael Schumacher
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