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Top Gear Season 22, Episode 8

In this episode we see two short films from the trio who immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the classic car enthusiast and the leisure lifestyle enthusiast.

Part 1

Part 2

Final Top Gear Episode for Jeremy, James and Richard tonight 8PM UK time

The eagerly awaited final episode of season 22 is airing tonight on BBC2 at 8PM UK time.

As soon as a reliable stream is found we will have it right here for you to watch.

Where to from here?

Executive producer Andy Wilman has said tonight’s episode will provide closure to the trio before they head off to a secret destination next week to finalise details of their new show. “We are going to go somewhere where nobody can find us,” said Andy Wilman. “We will get our heads down and work out the nuts and bolts of what the new show will do and what it will look like.”

It is still up in the air where the new show will broadcast, but recent rumours suggest they may sign on with ITV so that the show can air locally in the UK at the same time as Top Gear to provide some competition. A deal with ITV would still leave the possibility of streaming on Netflix after it has aired in the UK.



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