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Did you know that students, teachers, professors and other educational faculty get access to a FREE Amazon Prime account for 6 months - can anyone say Grand Tour marathon binge fests!

All you need is a .edu email address to sign up to Amazon Prime Student.

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No problem! There is an easy way (and almost free way) to get a student email and have it up and running in the next day. That's more than enough time before the Grand Tour Premiere in 4 days!

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How to sign up


  • Use this FIVERR gig to get a .edu email address.
  • Sign up to Amazon Prime Student USA
  • Get the popcorn out for that amazing $3.2million opening sequence


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In case you think it doesn't work...

The Grand Tour Season 1, Episode 1

 - - - - - SPOILER ALERT - - - - -


Episode Highlights

  • Jeremy, Richard and James test the Ferrari LaFerrari vs Porsche 918 vs McLaren P1. The Holy Trinity.
  • Jeremy Clarkson introduces us to the new “Ebola Drome” test track.
  • The American takes the BMW M2 for a lap
  • Celebrity stars killed off
  • Stream date: November 18th November 2016.

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